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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Question Two

Question Two

In our film, our main character is Claire. And Claire is the typical, young, pretty, popular girl and was also a model that the entire boy’s in school love to adore and all the girls love to hate. Claire is the main character as we wanted it to appeal to teenagers as well as the family. By Claire being there it makes it more interesting for the audience to watch as she is a very exciting young girl.

Claire’s representation had to be popular and beautiful. This was because the social group we were aiming to represent was gender and social class. This is because she is a female popular rich girl. Therefore we had to make her look like a pretty popular girl, even though in the beginning of the film the audience will not be able to catch that, but while they look through the photo album they would get the image of a popular girl through her costume.

Claire’s costume had to be smart, sexy and glamorous. This was because our social group we were aiming to represent were rich, popular girls which will fall under gender and social class category. Therefore, to be able to this her costume had to represent her character. So we decided to use the colour pink for her top, this is because the denotation of pink is that it is a girls colour and the connotation will be that she is a “girly girl” because during the photo album (prop) her pictures are of her in different costumes in "girly" colours such as pink, purple, blue which would emphasise the kind of girl she is.

For example in Mean Girls the only colour they ever wore was pink as it represents the colour for girls and their sexuality, which is another social group we were representing as well.

Finally, by Claire wearing pink it represents that she is a "girly" girl that likes fashion, shopping, make-up and all the other stereotypes that come along with the colour pink. This was the exact image we were trying to get of Claire, the usual stereotypical pretty, blond rich popular girl.

Moving on, as we were going with the stereotypical view of popular girls, we had to make sure that the hair and make-up of our character was also in correspondence with the character’s costume. Therefore, the hair and make up we had applied to our character had to look glamorous.

Which is also linked to Mean Girls again, as make-up was one thing they all loved, as it also goes with the character’s profile.

As we can see from the image, the 3 main popular girls are all wearing pink and are all wearing make-up, also their hair is done so they can look beautiful.

This is why during Claire’s photographs we had to make her look as glamorous as possible, although we had given her make-up, it couldn't’t be too obvious, because at the same time, she is still representing her social class which is first-class, and their make-up is discreet but plenty. As they have to look smart as well as pretty.

Her make-up denotes that she is concerned with her appearance this connotes that she is body conscious as she cares what people think of her.

The setting of our opening was a complete contrast from the costume and hair/make-up criteria. Our setting was Claire’s living room. But the audience were unable to see the full frame, as we didn’t want too much to be given away.

In addition, we had followed the same sort of concept in which Seven Pounds followed. The opening was just a medium close-up of the main character. This is because we did not want the audience to focus too much on the setting but just on the dialogue.

For us to be able to do this we had to make her dress like one. As our opening is about glancing through the album, we made sure that all the photo’s we had taken were pictures

Make-up was also added as well, this was to make her look more pretty and more of a model, as most models usually where make up. We also did this to make her look a bit older. This is because Esma our cast had a bit of a baby face, therefore we had to makeup to look a bit more older and more mature.

Another aspect that helped with the representation of the character was the camera. This is because by us using the camera to take shots we were able to know at which angle to take them, in order for us to see where it would look better. Such as taking a picture through the mirror. By us using that, it made it look more of a teenager look. And also the camera enabled us to catch her facial expressions. By us using a close-up we were able to see her face.

Before making our film, we wanted to make sure we had one person that we wanted Claire to plagiarize. And this was Regina from “ MEAN GIRLS” this is because Regina was young pretty and the most popular girl in the school. And this was the exact image we wanted Claire to have. And while making the film we always bared this mind, we had to make sure that the way Claire dressed was the way that Regina dressed. Therefore I had to watch it to make sure we were following the same steps in Regina was doing.

Once we had made the film, we knew the exact person that we wanted for our film. We had wished to have had a white, blond girl around 5”8, slim and very pretty. However, as we were only allowed to choose from the other media class our options were very limited. In addition to this we were not able to find a slim, pretty medium height, blond girl, instead we found a medium height, pretty, slim brunette girl instead. Even though it was not our first option, we were very pleased with this, as she still fitted all the other criteria’s. However, in the beginning before we had signed a contract she was not reliable. This is because we had scheduled a few hours during school and after school to take some pictures for the storyboard but she was just refusing to meet and giving silly excuses. But after meeting with the head of media and signing a contract she has been on time and showed up for every scheduled meeting with no complaints.

Even though I was sound, I was the only girl in the group therefore I had a major role to play. I had to make sure that she looked like a popular girl in every way possible. Even though she was not seen in the film, her hands were, therefore I told her to paint her nails in pink in order for her to connote with her character.

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