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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Question Five

Question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

For us to be able to attract our audience we had to make film posters, and by us making these film posters we had to make sure it would catch our audience’s attention. Therefore, we had to make it interesting, yet professional at the same time. So we put an image of Claire in the background but it was quite faint, therefore you couldn’t really see the person in the image, and over that we put “Eternal Beauty” in pink.

Our opening sequence starts off with Claire glancing through her photo album (however Claire is never seen, her identity is anonymous throughout the entire opening), and we analyze each image. This attracts the audience because the audience can just hear her dialogue, but they cannot see who is speaking, so when the audience finally see images of a girl, they are most likely to pay attention, so they can see if it is the narrator. The reason we decided to make Claire’s identity anonymous was because we wanted the audience get engaged, and also because we wanted to challenge normal codes and convention of family drama’s by introducing the main character in the beginning, we wanted the audience to develop a character for themselves.

When she places the album on her lap, we see our production name on the front which is J.A.D Productions in pink. We decided to put our production name there because it will gain attention, as it is the first thing they see. And we decided to do it in pink, because the connotations of pink is that it is a girl colour, meaning that this film is most likely going to be involved around a girl.

Then Claire opens the album and we see the first image of her and her friends getting ready for a party. This attracts the audience as it is the first image they see, and they know straight away from the clothing that they are going to a party, however it makes the audience think.

While that was going on the sound credit came up in pink and California bold font which said “Sound by Antoinette Seki”.

Then it moved on to the next photo on the same page which is her by herself in front of a mirror. Then we moved onto the next page which is the images of her in her prom dress. This attracts the audience; again, because, they are now seeing a picture of a girl own her own, but they do not know who she is, therefore they would carry on watching to find out.

Likewise the camera credit came up and said “Camera by Daniel Motambo”. Then we zoom in then zoom out to the next image, but giving enough time to have a good description of it.

Then we fade out to the next page, but in white, because when we faded out in black it looked messy and just too unprofessional. And the other pictures were of Claire modelling in a casual outfit in front of a car. By now, the audience would have realised that Claire is the main character as she has appeared in three photo’s already. This image attracts the audience because they see her modelling, and this is the first time the audience will be informed that she is model even though they do not know her yet. It also attracts the audience by its costume, because she is modelling her hair and make-up would look glamorous and her costume will also have to look like super-models, which the audience will like to see.

Then a credit appeared of “Directed by Joshua Freeland” and we zoomed in and zoomed out to next image which was an image of her posing in front of a mirror. Then we faded out unto the next page which was of her alone, and of her reading a book then she turns to a blank page, and it fades into the phone-call.

This is very effective and will attract the audience. This is because it will startle the audience as the phone-call just came out suddenly. Also the blank page, leaves the reader blank, as to make them think what is actually going on, which keeps them engaged, as they want to know what will happen will next.

We were able to attract our target audience through the still images. We did this by showing them an image of one in particular girl, then her with other people. We did this because we wanted the audience to stay focused on that girl, as that girl is Claire- the main character.

When it fades into the phone scene all we can see is a wall, a small table with a phone and a lamp. And then we hear a phone ringing, and as it rings it zooms in. Then Claire walks in and picks up the phone. However, the audience does not hear the conversation. After a few seconds, roughly around 2 ½ seconds to be exact all we se see is the phone drop, and as it drops we added in a slow motion effect to add effect. Then Claire says, “Little did I know that this phone-call will change my life”. Then it fades out to black and “Eternal Beauty” appears in pink and in bold capital letters.

This is very, very effective and it automatically demands attention from the audience. This is because the audience are able to see Claire’s body but they are unable to see her leaving her identity anonymous. They are also unable to hear the conversation on the phone; all they can hear is the dialogue, which gives them little clues but not enough. The camera attracts the audience as it keeps Claire identity a secret and makes the audience want to know who she is.

One of the ways we attracted our audience was through the sound. This is because the sound has to suit the desire of our audience as they should enjoy it and understand it. The sound we used was called “Small Planet”, this sound I chose as it was very sad and dramatic, which was the exact effect we were going for. The sound had to make the audience feel sad and depressed, as it is a sad story and emotional, reason being why women will understand it more. And for me to be able to make sure I got that effect I wanted, i asked a few people that I did not know to get their own view on it. When they watched it they said ( this is from a girls perspective) “the sound was very sad and down…and made you have the feeling that someone was going to die and when the narration came in it made me want to cry”. Even though someone wasn’t going to die straight away, Claire was still going to die. This was great! As I have already captured my audience already through the dullness and the sadness of the sound. The denotation of the sound made the audience feel down, sad and make them want to cry. I have attracted them because they felt the sound and the emotion of it.

Another aspect was the editing. The editing was also important as it refers to what the audience will see. Therefore, while we were making the credits, we had to make sure that it was something that our audience will be attracted to reading, which is why we made it in pink. Because we are aiming towards a female audience, and most young females like the colour pink. Also the zooming in and out technique was another way to attract the audience. This is because it is swift and slow; therefore they can really look at it and see what is going on.
The mise en scene did not really help to attract our audience. This was because during our opening all you could see was the photo album and the phone call. But while we were glancing through the photo album, all you could see were the images of Claire. And when the phone call came up all you could see was the environment, and the environment was not really attractive to anyone.

We attracted our audience through our credits. By us making our credits in pink it would attract or primary audience (females) as the connotation of pink is that it is a female colour. This is why we purposely made it pink so the audience could pay attention to it.

The genre of our film is family drama. Our audience should really be interested in drama, and if they are they would really enjoy it. The reason why we chose family drama was because it is something original, and not a lot of movies nowadays make family drama it is normally about horror etc. Therefore, our audience will most likely not be a lot of people but the people that we do have, will definitely enjoy our drama.

The main key themes of our film are:



These are the five main themes of our film. Most girls seem to enjoy films about friends, family and love. Therefore, our audience will love this movie as they are the key essential things. Even though death is not a major theme in our film, death does take place, and not to make our film too boring we had to make it a little bit more interesting, which will also keep our audience entertained at the same time. However, when the character does die it links into the theme of hopes and dreams. This will make our audience happy again. As most ladies enjoy a happy ending.
The themes of love, family and friends would please our audience as it would make them happy. This is because girls enjoy watching heart-felt movies, as they are emotional.

The theme of death, however, could possibly make them cry, which is also good, as it is evidence that our film has succeeded if they do cry, it shows that they share emotion for Claire, and are sorry for her which links into the theme of Love.
And the theme of hopes and dreams, just leave it as a happy ending. This is because girls hate watching cliff-hangers, as I had asked a few girls on their own opinion and the majority of them don’t enjoy cliff-hangers. Therefore, by the theme of the dream being accomplished makes them happy knowing that even though Claire did not survive cancer at least she is still remembered.
For example Will Smith in “Seven Pounds”. Will Smith committed suicide but before he died he made sure that he had donated 7 things to strangers that needed it more than him. Seven Pounds had the exact same themes we did


And when he died everyone felt for him. Personally, when I watched it I did cry, as it was very emotional. But then when we saw that a blind man was able to see, a woman that had a heart problem had a good healthy heart, an old woman without a lung but was given a good healthy one, overshadows the death of Will Smith, as you are overwhelmed by the greatness that came out of his death. This is just like our film.

We attracted our audience also through our genre. This is because our genre is based on Family Drama, and as our primary audience are females, they will most likely be able to relate to the themes and emotions that go on in our film. This is because women share more emotion. So by us making it a family based drama it will attract our audience in the sense that they will share emotion, and they would understand as they ca relate to

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