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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Script Number Three

Claire's Narration

Just five minutes ago, i was a normal girl like you. A girl with a goal, a girl with friends and a girl with a family, you know...a girl like you.
But just under 10 minutes that has all changed. My life has been destroyed. By the one thing we all fear. But whatever happens, stay strong, don't let it ruin you.
Don't become like me..
I love you...
Remember me...

Script Number Two

Claire's Narration

What's the point of living?...
When there is nothing to live for.
What's the point of going to bed at night?...
When you're not even sure, if you would wake up the next morning?
The same as my life.
Everyday i live is like a stab in my heart.
Bloody, gruesome and painful.
But, what can i do than just take it.
As this is...

Script Number One

Claire's Narration

How can someone with such a bright future, have no future at all.
A girl with a goal, but doesn't know, but doesn't know where she is going.
How can someone so beautiful, have the most ugliest life.

Want to know?...

Ask me...

I may not be beautiful, but i have eternal beauty.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Perfect Holiday

The perfect Hoiday's opening was actually a very interesting, this was because it was a contrast. At first they showed a lovely lady with 3 kids, and then switched it to some vey horrid man, that had a good music business but was not a nice person. Andthen, we finally got see the main man. Now, he is a very good looking young-man, and the audience will see that. However, the conflict tht the charater has is that he is poor, and he has a job has a part time santa clause.

This sequence, does meet the expectations tha i have of an oepning. This is becaus it is basic, to the point and xplains each character in a simple detailed way, however, in a smal amout time. And hey do this by, just switching the camera at them allowing us to see them properly, by Gabrielle Union having a long-shot, and Charlie Murphy having a close-up, and finally Morris Chesnut havig a medium clse-up. And while the camera was on them, they just summarised their lives.

The narrative is a lady, as we have seen her. We also know that the narrator is a good elf, and has a partner who is a bad-elf. The narrator, is actually not really important in the movie, as she is not really in the movie as such, she just tells it from santa's helper point of view.

Yes and no. Morris Chesnut follows the character of a working class man, who is struggling to make it big. This is because he is currently working at a mall part-time as santa clause, which is only seaonal. And then Gabrielle Union, is a single, rich mother with three kids, and she is doing fine, but she just has;nt found the love of her life. But, then Charlie Murphy, is useless. And he is the only character that we are introduced to that doesn't follow the character asa father. However, he does follow the character of a musician.

There is a sort, of happy warm-heart-felt music that is being played. Because at the same time, it is still christmas and that happy, cheery spirit has to be flowing.

Seven Pounds Analysis

Does this sequence meet your expectations of a typical opening sequence from this genre? Explain why or why not?
No. This is because it is not like any other ordinary opening sequence. As it starts from the ending. This makes it more effective and more interesting as it not something we are used to seeing.

What clues are given about the narrative?
We are given some clues that the narrator is a man. Hence, we heard/saw the man talking. And most importantly the narrator has done something, but most likely something bad. A voice implicates that he has done something wrong.

Write about how people and places are represented in this sequence? Do they follow or subvert genre conventions? Explain.

How is music used? How does this reflect the genre?
All through out the opening there was no music. This was because Will Smith and 911 were having a conversation, therefore, we were focusing on what they were saying.

How are titles used? How does this reflect the genre?
The title of the movie's Seven Pounds. This relates to the genre, because seven pounds means seven strangers, seven lives. This links in to the genre as it is helping people, and involves everyone in the community, which family drama's are mostly about. Also Will Smith is doing this for his family.

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty
Tag-Eternal beauty, look beyond the visual. A dream worth fighting for.

Pitch- Claire is placed into a battle with cancer which she can not win. She is fighting for an opportunity as well as her life. She faces many struggles as she spreads her message to the world and when she has past away her message will live on.

Treatment –We start the story by introducing our main character Claire. Claire is a 16 year old model whose ambition in life is to be successful. She is a beautiful young girl who has everything going for her until one day her dreams are put on hold as she discovers a lump in her breast. Claire is diagnosed with breast cancer and is told that she will have to undergo chemotherapy. She is devastated by the idea of losing her hair and begins to fall into depression. She sees her dream slowly slipping away and decides to lock herself away from society. Her family are also affected, as her parent’s focus all their time on her they have no time for their eldest son who turns to a life of crime. Her confidence hits rock bottom and she is a shadow of her former self, she tries to commit suicide numerous times and her mother contemplates leaving.

This is until one day during a visit to the hospital she meets a young girl who suffers from leukaemia. The girl has lost both of her legs but she one of the happiest people in the hospital. Seeing how much worse it could be Claire decides to try and get back into modelling and show people looks count for nothing. She has the support of family and friends and she goes from modelling agency to modelling agency looking for a chance. She gains press coverage and support from people around the world as she tries and sends her message to people just like her. She also gets criticism from other professional models who set up a group to campaign to stop her from being the face of a new calendar. She battles them all the way until she is given the go ahead by the company and more importantly the public who have supported her all the way.

She jumps at the chance and raises thousands of pounds for charity. Through her journey she has touched may people and given many girls hope. She carries on her work and raises even more money while still having treatment. After a year of battling she loses her battle to cancer and passes away. Although she is no longer with us her message is kept alive by the people she helped and given hope to.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Analysis of opening sequences of 3-4 films in this genre. Use these questions to help you:
Does this sequence meet your expectations of a typical opening sequence from this genre? Explain why or why not?
Yes it does. This is because it is not too long and it is not too short at the same. And also it is interesting, the first fewminutes of the movie i am already in to it. At the same time it makes you fel something as well, as it gets you emotionally engaged.

What clues are given about the narrative?
The narrative has cancer, and needs a donor to survive it. We can hear from the narrative's voice that she is still young and loves her sister.

If there are characters at this point, do they follow the typical features of characters from this genre or not?
Yes they do, they are a family, and they act as one, as as normal families there are problems but they all work together.

Write about how people and places are represented in this sequence? Do they follow or subvert genre conventions? Explain.
The main setting is at their house. The familysitting around the dinner table all together fighting the camcer hasa family. And i would say they do follow the family drama genre as evrone in the family is included at it is held in the hose of the family at the majority of the time.

How is music used? How does this reflect the genre?
In the beggining the music was soft, however going further the music developed a little bit more louder and a little bit more stronger to make it more effective.

How are titles used? How does this reflect the genre?
Thee were no title used.

Friday, 6 November 2009

TASK 1 -Conduct some research on your chosen genre:

Target audience
The target audience for our movie are young grils and family members that have experienced something like this. We aim at the girls because it sends a meassage, that not evryone is immune from breast cancer or any kind of cancer. As Claire is a very pretty girl and even a model, but she still ended up with breast cancer, so this can make girls aware. And it is also aimed at family members who have experienced this, because they could relate to it, and apprecite the beauty of the film. Which will get them involved and motivated.

Codes and conventions - narrative, characters, settings, opening sequences, cinematography, technical aspects

Narrative - the movie is baout a young girl Claire that is unbelievebly beautiful, she is tall, slim and has wonderufl smile and personality. However, suddenly she found a lump in her breast and found out she had breast cancer. This completly disabled her confidence. But while she was in the hospital she found out that life is not all about your looks. This was because she met a girl called Cathy that had no legs, she was physically disabled, but at the same time she was the only one in the entire hospital that had the most life. This slowly made Claire's confidence start to develop as she had seen, it could of been worse. After struggling and searching for so long, she is given an oppurtunity of becoming a calender girl to help fight cancer. While she was still modelling she was still under treatment at the same time. After a year of battling through this disease she loses and passes away. Although she is not alive, to opened doors for alot of girls, and kept hope.

Characters -
Clair - Main character. Girl fighting cancer disease.
Cathy- Becomes Claire's best friend, while she was still at the hospital
Lisa- Claire's Nurse, provides her with advice and helps her.
Mom- Claire's mother and friend.
Jeff - Claire's boyfriend, who dumped her, when he found she had cancer, and wasn't a model.
Courtney- Claire's bestfriend, before she had cancer and was a model.
Jason- Her current boyfriend. Who believed in her

Settings -
The setting of this movie is in the hospital, and in her house her school, just a average day life for a teenage girl.

Opening Sequences
During Seven Pounds, it was a very heavy-lifting opening as we could see by the main actors face somethingh bad had just happened

Key directors and actors
Gabriel Muchini - Seven Pounds

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Genre Research - Prelim

1. Target audience

The target audience for our movie are aimed at teenagers, and anyone who are interested in the gangster culture or the music.

2. Codes and conventions - narrative, characters, settings, opening sequences, cinematography, technical aspects

Narrative – The story is about a teenage boy that is new the school, however he has a secret personality that no-ones knows about, he is very quiet and very private, and has no friends. People fear him, as he is a very built guy with a strong masculinity to him that even the toughest guys wouldn’t dare to approach him. But sooner or later he joins a group called “Street Terror”. This group knows nothing than to terrorise the streets of Essex. They break into shops, steal pensioners money, set cars alight, deal with drugs and most of all they have a thrill for violence! This is the worst group that Essex has ever come upon of. But justice has to be served and finally at the end justice is served nice and cold.

Characters –
Silence – Tyrone Main character.
Jay dot – Joseph Main characters best friend
Bugzy – Andrew Gang Member
K dot – Kevin Gang Member
Grizzly – David Gang Member (died)
Scatter – Spencer Gang Member
Belinda – Tyrone’s Girlfriend
Tolulah – Jay dot’s girlfriend

Settings – The setting is in school the majority of the time, but when it’s dark that’s when the boys go out to play on the streets.
Opening Sequences – The opening sequence of this movie is when Tyrone is getting ready from school, you can hear his parents shouting at one another, and you see his facial expression, then he leaves for his new school with his parents not even knowing he has left. Then when he finally arrives at college you can se his anger and the way he is, he arrives to college late, and in tutorial when they are taking the register the teacher says Tyrone, and that’s when he walks in.

3. Key directors and actors
Guy Ritchie – Director
50 Cent - Tyrone