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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Seven Pounds Analysis

Does this sequence meet your expectations of a typical opening sequence from this genre? Explain why or why not?
No. This is because it is not like any other ordinary opening sequence. As it starts from the ending. This makes it more effective and more interesting as it not something we are used to seeing.

What clues are given about the narrative?
We are given some clues that the narrator is a man. Hence, we heard/saw the man talking. And most importantly the narrator has done something, but most likely something bad. A voice implicates that he has done something wrong.

Write about how people and places are represented in this sequence? Do they follow or subvert genre conventions? Explain.

How is music used? How does this reflect the genre?
All through out the opening there was no music. This was because Will Smith and 911 were having a conversation, therefore, we were focusing on what they were saying.

How are titles used? How does this reflect the genre?
The title of the movie's Seven Pounds. This relates to the genre, because seven pounds means seven strangers, seven lives. This links in to the genre as it is helping people, and involves everyone in the community, which family drama's are mostly about. Also Will Smith is doing this for his family.

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