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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Genre Research - Prelim

1. Target audience

The target audience for our movie are aimed at teenagers, and anyone who are interested in the gangster culture or the music.

2. Codes and conventions - narrative, characters, settings, opening sequences, cinematography, technical aspects

Narrative – The story is about a teenage boy that is new the school, however he has a secret personality that no-ones knows about, he is very quiet and very private, and has no friends. People fear him, as he is a very built guy with a strong masculinity to him that even the toughest guys wouldn’t dare to approach him. But sooner or later he joins a group called “Street Terror”. This group knows nothing than to terrorise the streets of Essex. They break into shops, steal pensioners money, set cars alight, deal with drugs and most of all they have a thrill for violence! This is the worst group that Essex has ever come upon of. But justice has to be served and finally at the end justice is served nice and cold.

Characters –
Silence – Tyrone Main character.
Jay dot – Joseph Main characters best friend
Bugzy – Andrew Gang Member
K dot – Kevin Gang Member
Grizzly – David Gang Member (died)
Scatter – Spencer Gang Member
Belinda – Tyrone’s Girlfriend
Tolulah – Jay dot’s girlfriend

Settings – The setting is in school the majority of the time, but when it’s dark that’s when the boys go out to play on the streets.
Opening Sequences – The opening sequence of this movie is when Tyrone is getting ready from school, you can hear his parents shouting at one another, and you see his facial expression, then he leaves for his new school with his parents not even knowing he has left. Then when he finally arrives at college you can se his anger and the way he is, he arrives to college late, and in tutorial when they are taking the register the teacher says Tyrone, and that’s when he walks in.

3. Key directors and actors
Guy Ritchie – Director
50 Cent - Tyrone

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  1. Antoinette some good ideas. You need to add in abit more detail for the following area:
    1. Target audience- be more specific-what kind of lifestyle would they have? What other films may they have watched (similar genres to yours)?
    2. State how your research shows that your narrative follows the codes and convetnions of Gangster films. What are the codes and conventions? Use your own knowledge and films we have looked at in class to draw examples from.
    3. Key Directors and actors-rather than just stating them research and write about what tehy are known for, what is their style? What fameous films have they directed or starred in and what was unique about this film/performance?