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Monday, 26 October 2009

Review of Badlands

Badlands was a movie that was not best of movies, however, it had amazing shots!
The movie was plainly about two people that declared they were in love, and the boy killed his girlfriends dad, and following on from that he just killed anyone/everyone that came in his/thier way!

One of the first points of the movie i am going to analyse are their shots, during the movie Badlands had a series of amazing shots, although i cannot remeber all of tem i do remember the important ones.

Example one
When the two couples first met, it was a cut-away. Thsi was because the girl was outside playing with her hoola-hoop and "some-one" was watching her, however we did not know who, but what we did know was that someone was her in the bushes.

Example two
The next show we saw was a long shot, which was a long shot, this is when we the man walking towards her, and we then realise the person watching the girl was him

Example three
The next shot was over the shoulder shot, which was towards the girl so we could see the girl.

Example four
Then next it was close-up of the boy's face.
And these were the main four shots of the introducing of the two main characters.

Moving on swiftly, the next important moment to me is the death of the dad. The camera shots during this point were nothing unuual, There was a close-up of the gun so we could see the bullet, then straight after that we saw the dad collapse and AAAAARGH!! The girl screams which was all so predictable, and then there was a close-up of the dad's face so we could see if he was actually dead or alive, and he was dead, as his eyes were closed. And then a long shot of the guy that killed her dad aka her boyfriend to show is body-language, that seemed emotionless, then a switch to the daughter's face to see her facial expression which was likewise!

Moving of camera shots, i am now going to move unto sounds and audio. The movie actually did well in the audio aspects. Such as when they were burning the house, all we could here was the sound of the boy talking on the tape recorder, that was a good move. And also when the couple were dancing, they played music to make us feel as if we were actually there as well so we can feel the music. But other than these points there was no use or no good use of music during the movie. One of the places where they failed was when the guy was running away from the police, they really should of used some sound for that, so it could alos get the audience engaged and most importantly make it more interesting!

Badlands was a good movie when it came to camera shots, however, for everything else it failed. With continuity it did well in that aspect, but for keeping is audience engaged, motivated and interested it failed tredmendously. The movie high-lighted the town's number one criminal attacks and sprees, but for a movie with such a strong and intersting story, it was completly and unbelievbly boring.
This is because,
a) Their actors/actresses were very bad at their job
b) We were seeing the same faces which were the two main charcaters through-out the whole of the movie.
c) There was nothig to actually get the audience involved
d) There also wasn't anything to make the audience realte to what the characters were feeling.

This links in to anlogue and Digitial Video. With Digitial Video it allows the audience to "feel", for example if the characters are in the room, DV will also make the audience "feel" as they are actually in the room, as Badlands, obviously not DV they were not able to emphasise those key aspects of the movie which is to get the audience engaged. That is partially why this movie failed disgustingly.

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