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Monday, 12 October 2009

Cut-Away Scene Evaluation

Cut Away Scene Evaluation

During this task there were several learning objectives, however my main one was to remember the story-board and know the shots. This was because it was mainly myself that made the story, therefore I had to inform my other two companions what shot is, where it should be and why it should be shot there. My role was to act, Dhara’s role was film, and Akins’s role was to do the clap-board, personally I do think that we all worked as a team, however I do not feel that I gave it my best.
This is because as I made the storyboard myself without so much help from my companions (as Dhara had to organise the camera) it delayed time, and I did not do it efficiently and to its best, hence-forth meaning when we started to film, we did not have enough time, and we had to change the story a few times because I did not plan it very well.
Therefore, one of my weak points was my planning. I have to improve my planning skills, as in the movie business time is money, therefore if I cannot plan appropriately and efficiently it will definitely waste time, and the outcome will be very poor.
However, on-the-other-hand, even though my planning skills were not that good, we were still able to work as a team and seek other ways in which it could be improved and what areas it should be improved in. Inversely, leaving us to actually finishing on time and to a good standard may not be perfect but it was good.
However, while we were shooting there were a few obstacles that occurred, one of the problems that we had was noise. As we were shooting outside there were other people walking around the college, and while they were there and while they were talking we really couldn’t get any work done, as it will interrupt our video. So we had to wait for them to go, and I asked a few people to “keep quiet” or “wait” so we can be able to hurry up and do our video on time.

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  1. Antoinette you have described the task set instead of evaluating. In order to write a better structure use point, example, explain in your evaluations, identifying key areas within the task. Always begin your evaluation with a personal objective - something you want to develop using either your technical or creative skills for practical projects. Make sure you are using the correct terminologies in context.