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Monday, 12 October 2009

Analogue and Digital Video

Analogue and Digital Video

Analogue is very traditional, as it has been around for some time now, and it allows the audience to appreciate the beauty of film. First of all it is cheaper, as there is a very low cost on all aspects, whether it being sound, image or the actual video, there is a low cost in everything, this being also because they don’t need such a huge crew.
However, even though analogue movies are very traditional, they are not too interesting, as the audience of today tend to enjoy DV movies.

Firstly, Analogue is cheap, this is because there is not a very big crew, for them to pay a lot of workers, and therefore they can limit their cost. They do not need a whole lot of actors as it is not really necessary and due to them not having a lot of actors, means that they do not need a huge crew.

Secondly, it is much more traditional. It is traditional in the sense that, way before in the olden days, movies were treasured, desirable and most of all unique, people were not always able to go and watch movies in the theatre as it wasn’t easy and there were not a lot of them in that time, so whenever a new movie came out people were honoured to go and watch them which made them very valuable back in those days.

And finally, even though analogue movies may not be the most exciting movies, they are the cheapest and the most traditional; they give people the art of movies, and allow them to see the beauty of making a film. But, people nowadays are not really bothered about it anymore, and have completely lost focus on the real meaning of a movie, as DV has taken over.

Digital Video
Digital video allows you to see everything in a more enticing way, as it motivates the audience and gets them involved which every viewer wants to feel, while they are watching a movie.

Firstly, digital video is extremely exhilarating, as it motivates everyone that it is watching it, whether it is in 3D or just normal video, it certainly gets everyone involved and makes you feel as if you are in the room and actually can feel what their feeling – that is the effect of digital video.

Secondly, it is so much more better to look at compared to analogue films as the colour is perfect the lighting is even more perfect, it just looks amazing, compared to analogue as everything is just so much better. Even the crew, the more people the better, as digital video has more cast to help the movie be the best, it makes it even more better, as there are more people putting their heads together to make a good, quality movie, unlike analogue that are just worrying about saving money rather than spending money.
But you have to remember in order to make money you have to spend money!
But I guess Analogue just don’t understand that.

And finally, DV is better than analogue in a multiple of ways, as even though they spend a lot of money they please their viewers and they do make more money than analogue films. And they are much more interesting and better to look at and watch as it it gets your audience involved and motivated in what they are watching.

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