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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


During this presentation I will be analyzing shot by shot. I will be doing this analyzing them by what type of shot it was, what angle it was taken at, and other necessary things that may also be included as well.

The first shot is a media close-up, as it is a photo that shows my whole face, letting the viewers see everything absolutely in the photo. We used this shot, so viewers can focus on me and nothing else around me or near me.

Shot two was an high-angle shot. We used this shot, so that the audience can see what the person in the image is seeing. The angle in which the shot was taken from the left angle, so that the audience will be able to see what I was seeing at my right-side, which was the phone.

Shot three is a long shot as it is taken from a distance so the audience will be able to see everything around me, and what I am doing. However, the concentration is still on me.

Shot Four is a extreme long distance shot, as it shows everything that is around and behind me, however it mainly focuses at what is behind me as it shows me, walking towards the door, and showing me about to open it.

My fifth shot is a over shoulder, as it is over my shoulder in the shot and the camera is mainly focusing on the two people in the shot, which is myself and my friend. Even-though my back is turned it still includes me. However, this shot was also an angled shot as it was taken from the left, so it can focus on the right-hand side.

Shot six is a two shot, as it involves two people in the shot, making a two-shot. This shot is used so we are able to show the two people in the image, which represents showing an image to my friend via the my mobile phone.

Shot seven is a two shot as well. This is because there are two people in the shot, and they are both having a conversation which includes the two of them. However, there are people around them but they are not the main focus.

And finally the last shot is a long shot. This is because it shows the whole body of both the people in the image, and it is not taken at any specific angle.

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