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Friday, 18 September 2009



Eastenders is an everyday soap that most people know about. Eastenders speaks out to a lot of different people including different age ranges. From Dot to Abbey, from Chelsea to Tiffany, it is a soap that everyone can relate, and it high-lights all the things that do and could happen in life.

The genre of Eastenders is family. This is because it reaches out to all ages and includes every part of the public whether black, white, Asian, young, old, it includes everyone. Making Eastenders genre inclusive for everyone. Eastenders reaches out to family so it can show all the things that could and does happen in family homes.

Eastenders is a soap-opera that relates to every day life, for example rape, paedophilia, child abuse, kidnaps, robbery, death, vandalism, family problems, bullying, discrimination, prejudice and many more. And these are all high-lighted during Eastenders, as they are a daily occurrence in almost everyday life. And at the end of every programme they put a helpline so they can give help to those that need it and to those that have no-one to talk to.

EastEnders programme makers took the decision that the show was to be about "everyday life" in the inner city "today" and regarded it as a "slice of life". Creator/producer Julia Smith declared that "We don't make life, we reflect it" She also said, "We decided to go for a realistic, fairly outspoken type of drama which could encompass stories about homosexuality, rape, unemployment, racial prejudice, etc., in a believable context. Above all, we wanted realism"

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