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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Perfect Holiday

The perfect Hoiday's opening was actually a very interesting, this was because it was a contrast. At first they showed a lovely lady with 3 kids, and then switched it to some vey horrid man, that had a good music business but was not a nice person. Andthen, we finally got see the main man. Now, he is a very good looking young-man, and the audience will see that. However, the conflict tht the charater has is that he is poor, and he has a job has a part time santa clause.

This sequence, does meet the expectations tha i have of an oepning. This is becaus it is basic, to the point and xplains each character in a simple detailed way, however, in a smal amout time. And hey do this by, just switching the camera at them allowing us to see them properly, by Gabrielle Union having a long-shot, and Charlie Murphy having a close-up, and finally Morris Chesnut havig a medium clse-up. And while the camera was on them, they just summarised their lives.

The narrative is a lady, as we have seen her. We also know that the narrator is a good elf, and has a partner who is a bad-elf. The narrator, is actually not really important in the movie, as she is not really in the movie as such, she just tells it from santa's helper point of view.

Yes and no. Morris Chesnut follows the character of a working class man, who is struggling to make it big. This is because he is currently working at a mall part-time as santa clause, which is only seaonal. And then Gabrielle Union, is a single, rich mother with three kids, and she is doing fine, but she just has;nt found the love of her life. But, then Charlie Murphy, is useless. And he is the only character that we are introduced to that doesn't follow the character asa father. However, he does follow the character of a musician.

There is a sort, of happy warm-heart-felt music that is being played. Because at the same time, it is still christmas and that happy, cheery spirit has to be flowing.

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