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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Friday, 6 November 2009

TASK 1 -Conduct some research on your chosen genre:

Target audience
The target audience for our movie are young grils and family members that have experienced something like this. We aim at the girls because it sends a meassage, that not evryone is immune from breast cancer or any kind of cancer. As Claire is a very pretty girl and even a model, but she still ended up with breast cancer, so this can make girls aware. And it is also aimed at family members who have experienced this, because they could relate to it, and apprecite the beauty of the film. Which will get them involved and motivated.

Codes and conventions - narrative, characters, settings, opening sequences, cinematography, technical aspects

Narrative - the movie is baout a young girl Claire that is unbelievebly beautiful, she is tall, slim and has wonderufl smile and personality. However, suddenly she found a lump in her breast and found out she had breast cancer. This completly disabled her confidence. But while she was in the hospital she found out that life is not all about your looks. This was because she met a girl called Cathy that had no legs, she was physically disabled, but at the same time she was the only one in the entire hospital that had the most life. This slowly made Claire's confidence start to develop as she had seen, it could of been worse. After struggling and searching for so long, she is given an oppurtunity of becoming a calender girl to help fight cancer. While she was still modelling she was still under treatment at the same time. After a year of battling through this disease she loses and passes away. Although she is not alive, to opened doors for alot of girls, and kept hope.

Characters -
Clair - Main character. Girl fighting cancer disease.
Cathy- Becomes Claire's best friend, while she was still at the hospital
Lisa- Claire's Nurse, provides her with advice and helps her.
Mom- Claire's mother and friend.
Jeff - Claire's boyfriend, who dumped her, when he found she had cancer, and wasn't a model.
Courtney- Claire's bestfriend, before she had cancer and was a model.
Jason- Her current boyfriend. Who believed in her

Settings -
The setting of this movie is in the hospital, and in her house her school, just a average day life for a teenage girl.

Opening Sequences
During Seven Pounds, it was a very heavy-lifting opening as we could see by the main actors face somethingh bad had just happened

Key directors and actors
Gabriel Muchini - Seven Pounds

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