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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty
Tag-Eternal beauty, look beyond the visual. A dream worth fighting for.

Pitch- Claire is placed into a battle with cancer which she can not win. She is fighting for an opportunity as well as her life. She faces many struggles as she spreads her message to the world and when she has past away her message will live on.

Treatment –We start the story by introducing our main character Claire. Claire is a 16 year old model whose ambition in life is to be successful. She is a beautiful young girl who has everything going for her until one day her dreams are put on hold as she discovers a lump in her breast. Claire is diagnosed with breast cancer and is told that she will have to undergo chemotherapy. She is devastated by the idea of losing her hair and begins to fall into depression. She sees her dream slowly slipping away and decides to lock herself away from society. Her family are also affected, as her parent’s focus all their time on her they have no time for their eldest son who turns to a life of crime. Her confidence hits rock bottom and she is a shadow of her former self, she tries to commit suicide numerous times and her mother contemplates leaving.

This is until one day during a visit to the hospital she meets a young girl who suffers from leukaemia. The girl has lost both of her legs but she one of the happiest people in the hospital. Seeing how much worse it could be Claire decides to try and get back into modelling and show people looks count for nothing. She has the support of family and friends and she goes from modelling agency to modelling agency looking for a chance. She gains press coverage and support from people around the world as she tries and sends her message to people just like her. She also gets criticism from other professional models who set up a group to campaign to stop her from being the face of a new calendar. She battles them all the way until she is given the go ahead by the company and more importantly the public who have supported her all the way.

She jumps at the chance and raises thousands of pounds for charity. Through her journey she has touched may people and given many girls hope. She carries on her work and raises even more money while still having treatment. After a year of battling she loses her battle to cancer and passes away. Although she is no longer with us her message is kept alive by the people she helped and given hope to.

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