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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Analysis of opening sequences of 3-4 films in this genre. Use these questions to help you:
Does this sequence meet your expectations of a typical opening sequence from this genre? Explain why or why not?
Yes it does. This is because it is not too long and it is not too short at the same. And also it is interesting, the first fewminutes of the movie i am already in to it. At the same time it makes you fel something as well, as it gets you emotionally engaged.

What clues are given about the narrative?
The narrative has cancer, and needs a donor to survive it. We can hear from the narrative's voice that she is still young and loves her sister.

If there are characters at this point, do they follow the typical features of characters from this genre or not?
Yes they do, they are a family, and they act as one, as as normal families there are problems but they all work together.

Write about how people and places are represented in this sequence? Do they follow or subvert genre conventions? Explain.
The main setting is at their house. The familysitting around the dinner table all together fighting the camcer hasa family. And i would say they do follow the family drama genre as evrone in the family is included at it is held in the hose of the family at the majority of the time.

How is music used? How does this reflect the genre?
In the beggining the music was soft, however going further the music developed a little bit more louder and a little bit more stronger to make it more effective.

How are titles used? How does this reflect the genre?
Thee were no title used.

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