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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Question Three

Question Three – Independent Distributors

Independent distributors are companies that are able to make their own movies, with their own money and their own equipment. An example of this would be Blue Sky Studios, they are not as common and popular as 20th century Fox as they do not have the mainstream status. However, they are able to create their own movies without any help.

Independent distributors are not as popular as mainstream, and most people would rather enjoy watching mainstream than independent. This is because independent distributors have to finance their film, from their own pocket whereas mainstream doesn’t. In addition the quality of mainstream would be far more excellent and of very good conduct compared to independent.

Mainstream movie distributors are movie companies that release mainstream movies, such as “Mean Girls”, “Seven Pounds”, “Sister’s Keeper” these are all mainstream movies, as they are released by major companies such as 20th Century Fox. This company is well known internationally for the quality of film they provide for the audience.

For our movie, we would have to distribute our film with an independent distributor. This is because we do not have the funds to pay for mainstream neither do we have the equipment.

An independent filming company that would most likely be interested in our film could be “Bleiberg Entertainment”. This is an independent movie making company, which generally focuses on family dramas, which is the genre that we are going for.

They have released movies such as “Spree”, “Pavilion”, “Prince of Jutland”, “Rainbow”, “Snide & Prejudice”, “Tom’s Midnight Garden” and loads more. Drama is this company’s key drama. This is why I personally feel that this company would be the best for my group to distribute their film.

However, just in case Bleiberg does not go according to plan, our back up would be, WWE Revamps Film Distribution Strategy. This company, just like Bleiberg is also committed to family-friendly movies (PG).

However, there are other ways we can distribute our media product and not just by filming companies. We could simply do it by the Internet and resources we have. Such as Facebook. We could Facebook, to distribute our film, by simply uploading it unto our profile or making a group. This is because Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the entire world. Therefore, if we are able to place our media production unto Facebook, we would get other a million views, and with this we could later go unto apply for company or even a mainstream company!

Another site that would be useful could be YouTube. YouTube is also on of the most popular sites visited in the world. So just like Facebook if we are able to upload our movie there we good gain a lot of ratings, and just like that we have published our movie.

We should this because, funding movies is a lot of money, and if the movie does not receive as many rankings as we had wanted it too, then we would a lot of money. Therefore, publishing it on to websites could be seen as a test-run? As we are able to see if the public would like it or not, and either way, we are not losing neither are we winning.

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