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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


My friend, Funmi, told me "the opening was very, very dramtic and the sound added on to that affect, however, i was unaware of the scenario, and id not know what was going on." With this feedback myself and my team decided to make it a little bit more informing so our audience would understand what was going on, however, not giving away the story and the plot too soon.

Moving on, another person from the opposing class told me that "the sound used was a brillant effect, however, there were too many shots on the photo-album which could produce boredom." When my team heard this we acted on it staright away using some cut-away editing techniques and also fading to white, to make it quick and easier.

Another comment that was recieved by my teacher was "the continuity is not accurate, as orange flooring could be seen, whereas in all the other shots we could see black flooring. How does thatw ork out?" Indeed we never noticed it, until we went back and we had realised that even though it was for a small amount of time there was still orange flooring. Therefore, we had to use our editing techniques and cut out that bit and speed it up. Once we had done it, everything was perfect.

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