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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Question Six

Question 6 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Technology played a very vital role while make my pro-production task this is because without it you cannot be able to produce a good film. While I was working as sound, I had realised that the sound picks up on everything single around you, it was so sensitive that things that you couldn’t even hear, could be heard via the sound kit. This is why I had to be attentive at all times. Another reason why sound was so important was because, even the slightest bit of noise could be heard, and this was big problem with my group. Because one scene had to be all quiet, I had to make sure the sound was perfect, which was absolutely the hardest thing I had to do. This was because, right on top of me there was ventilator which could not be turned off, therefore, it was very hard to shoot it, but we were able to shoot anyway. We needed sound so that we could be able to detect all the sound around us and near us, and we also needed sound so that it could sound good and clear.

The camera was the most important equipment of all, because if the camera was not there we will not be able to shoot. The camera enabled us to take shots at all different angles, different positions, sides and ways. The camera was a very productive tool, this was because while our director was directing, the only thing that he would look at was the camera, as he had to be able to spot the mise en scene and outside the mise en scene. Another reason why the camera was very useful was because we can make everything seem very realistic. Such as if we wanted it to seem like someone is walking all we had to was use the trekking equipment and that will enable us to get the look of someone walking.
We had to use the camera so we could be able to record our entire film, and so that we can make it more life-like and interesting.
The editing software is also important as it enables us to erase and improve all the things that we want and don’t want. By us using the editing software, we as a group could decide which clips were
unnecessary and which were not, we could also decide which were clips were very unprofessional and inadequate and which ones were very good and neat. The editing software also allowed us to be able to add effects, fade, colour, lighting etc. It was very useful.
We needed the editing software as it enabled us to perfect our work and make it the best it can possibly be.

While filming I learnt a few techniques
. Had to ensure everywhere was quiet so it could sound good
. While recording make sure everything stayed the same, for good continuity
. Before you start recording you have to say “Sound”, “Camera” and “Actor” then you refer to your clapper board
. Make sure you do not run over your tape.
These few things I learnt may not be a lot but they certainly helped me as I always made sure I bared this in mind before we did anything.

While editing I learnt that everything that had to be consistent. During the time my group and I were editing we had to make sure that everything in the frame was what we wanted to see, such as the floor, we had covered the floor with carpet, but not the entire floor, therefore, I had spotted out some orange spots where green carpet had to be. This was not right, therefore I had to erase this. Another technique I learnt were lighting. This is because while we were fading in and out we had to make sure it looked good. For example, if the background was blue, and it faded out to black, it just wouldn’t seem right. Therefore I made it fade to a lighter blue, then finally to white. Another technique I picked up was slowing down and fastening scenes. This was because some of the feedback that I and team received was that the album was too slow, and they get bored. Therefore, in order to amend this I had to fasten the scenes up, and cut some out as well. This was very helpful has it saved time, and made it look even better, and kept the audience entertained.

While making this opening sequence, I realised that every equipment had to be ready before shooting it, especially sound, a sit was always sound that slowed the progress down. While filming, the sound was a vital key, as it could detect everything, therefore, I had to be very attentive to make sure I cannot hear anything. This was very hard, and I never knew the job could be such handful. Therefore, one lesson I learnt while filming was to be attentive.
Another lesson I learnt was the mise en scene. I had to make sure that everything in the frame was correct and was what we wanted to see in the frame.
Another lesson was continuity, as if the continuity was not right, we would surely lose marks, therefore all of us had to leave our stuff to one side.
Also I learnt while being a sound lady, which the wires of the sound should be glued down and should be carried by me, so it wouldn’t drag on the floor

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