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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Question Four

Our target audience would be aimed towards the family this is because, it is a family based drama therefore meaning that the family will be able to relate to it, as it has the key themes that every member of the family could relate too.

Firstly, our primary audience will be females. This is because they will be able to understand the emotional part of this film, as they are more emotional than men. And also because the main character (Claire) is also a woman, therefore females would be able to relate to her pain more, because they can be able to feel the emotions she will be feeling, such as boy problems, family, friends, love, looking pretty, weight issues etc. These are things that a female audience would understand, because they have probably gone through it, or knows someone that is. Therefore, by them watching a movie that high-lights a theme that is going on in their/friends life it would enable them to understand it even more and appreciate the film.

Our secondary audience would be people that have been influenced/affected by cancer. This is because this set of audience will be able to understand the whole story, as they have had a real life scenario with cancer, which would have a massive effect on them, and they would be able to understand and appreciate the film 100%. As they have been through it. They would most likely be able to fit into Claire’s shoes. This is because they have or they know someone that has been in Claire’s predicament, therefore they would know where the main character is coming from, and if our audience can understand where the main character is coming from, it would be easy for them to understand. However, the reason why they are our secondary audience is because they may get a bit too emotional, as it may remind of someone they lost closely. Or they might just not want to watch a film about cancer because they lost someone close to them. This is why they are not our primary audience as they are unreliable.

The demographics of our movie will be for the lower/middle class. This is because; it is about a beautiful girl that is diagnosed with cancer. With the higher class, they could most likely afford to treat her from her disease; therefore they would not really take it seriously as they have money already, so it doesn’t really affect them.
Whereas the lower class has no money at all, therefore they would be able to understand if it was them in her shoes, they would be feeling her pain and grieve for her. However, as they are poor they may not be able to relate from where she is coming from, as they could think, at least she has a modelling career, a lot of friends a lovely house, so they might not understand completely.

But the middle class will. This is because Claire is a middle class girl, even though she has all the wonderful clothes, she is a middle-class girl. And the middle-class would be able to relate to her, because they are living the same life as her. So our main target audience would be a female middle class girl, as she could place herself in Claire’s shoes, and understand the torment that Claire is going through. As they come from the same social back-ground they will share the same life-style.

Our target audience should also be able to share the same psychographics as Claire. Such as:
• Shopping
• Friends
• Socialising
• Singing
• Modelling
• School

All the usual things that teenage girls do. This is because if the audience will be able to enjoy the same psychographics that she does, they could also relate to her when she finds out that she can’t do them again. This is because they would stop and think, if they could never do the things they love doing ever again. It would make the audience feel some sort of compassion for Claire. Which is what we want the audience to feel for her, we want them to feel pity for her.

In addition, our target audience for “Eternal Beauty” would be young women that have lost someone from due to cancer. This would be our ideal target audience. This is because they would be able to understand the story, and understand Claire’s character, and if the audience is able to understand Claire’s character they would definitely enjoy it.

The reason why we chose a group of young girls that have lost or was a victim of cancer as our target audience, is because they would be able to relate to the pain that Claire is going through as they have recently gone through the pain of losing someone dear to them or maybe the person that overcome cancer. Therefore, they would be able to feel her pain, understand her fears and worries and most of all understand how it will be to be Claire, which is the strongest part of the film.

My Sisters Keeper would be the ideal film for this. This is because, there was young girl that was battling with cancer and her sister went through all odds to make sure she survived it. And this also had a huge effect on the family, as the family were apart of this issue. And it was linked towards girls as it was a sister relationship, and their relationship was like they were best friends. Therefore, all girls would be able to relate to it, as girls carry the usual stereotype of best friends and such.

Seven Pounds is also another movie, even though it is not centered on cancer it is centered around the theme of death, family and friends. During this movie Will Smith commits suicide as he cannot bare to live anymore without his wife that he felt he killed. But before he dies he decides to give away his body parts to people that are less fortunate than him.

This links into the theme of dreams and hope in our film, as Claire as a dream that she would survive and overcome cancer, and that she could still be model even if she doesn’t have hair or beauty, as it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside but it matters on what is within. Which we got our name “Eternal Beauty".

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