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Prelim Task

AS Opening Sequence

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Prelim Planning Task

Our Prelim task was to be based on a boy named Tyrone, who was very independent and lonely, however, he had a follower that wanted to be everything like him, although not knowing everything about him. Therefore, to start this off we used a long shot of the girl Lizzie walking through the corridior. This shot enabled us to see the character in full view and in depth, it also enabled us to analyze the character through the costume, hair and make-up. We used a long-shot to introduce everything because we wanted the audience to see who the character was. Also the motion and pace of which the caharcter was walking was also essential, as it also added to the "gangster" look the character was trying to be, however didn't succed as the costume did not denote her character.

Then after the long-shot of Lizzie we had to introduce the other character, we decided to this through a cut-away, as we still wanted the identity of the character to be a bit faint, as we did not want the audience to be informed too quickly.

Then we moved back to Lizzie through a wide-shot which allowed us to see the background which was of a school, we decided to this near the the lockers so the audience will know that it is in a school.

After that, we decide to use a extreme close-up of Lizzie's hand, so that the audience could see that she is opening the door, however, at the same time, still unaware of where she is going.

Again, we decided to use another cutaway of Tyrone, during this cutaway we used a medium close up. We used this so that the audience could see what he is doing. As we were going for the gangster type of look for Tyrone, we had to make him look the part. In addition, we supplied a few props so he could look the part. We gave him a MP3 player and some earphones, so it could look as if he was listening to music. Also as he is gangster, we then decided to make him bop his head to the music, which folows the usual stereotype for most ghangsters as they are normally into that sort of music, and that is usaully the body language that they perform while they are listening to it.

Then we cut back to Lizzie through a long shot, which also allowed us to see her character and see her body language, as she is walsking like she is gangster. Howver, the costume is a contradiction on this part as her costume does not follow the stereotype.

Then we will use a left-angle shot, so we could see the formation of the conversation. Then we would use a shot reverse shot so we can see the foremation of coversation.

After when Lizzie comes in we then decide to place an high shot of Tyrone so we can see Tyrone's response to Lizzie's behaviour.

Then we will ove to an over the shoulder shot of both character so we can see both of their facial expressions towards the conversation.

And then to a two shot so we can see both their position in the frame and their body attitudes.
And then another long shot of Tyrone so we can see his reaction to her comment.

Then fianlly we will end it with a high shot of Lizzie so we can see how she responds.

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